Spelling Bee

Third Annual Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Season Arrives at Parklawn!

Thirty-five students from Kindergarten through Grade 2 competed in the Junior Spelling Bee on February 15, 2018 in the school library. The competition ended just over an hour later with two Second-graders tied for First Place and a First-grader in Third Place. All three spellers competed one week later against older students in the Senior Spelling Bee.

Thirty-eight students in Grades 3-5 competed in the Senior Bee on February 22. After 90 minutes a Fifth-grade student won the competition with the word endeavor. Our school champion will represent Parklawn in the Fairfax County Spelling Bee on March 18.

A special thanks to the many dedicated teachers and staff at Parklawn who supported the spelling bee from planning through competition!


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