School Supply Kits

Why buy a School Supply Kit through the PTA?

  • No guesswork. Kits will have all the supplies that teachers request, by grade level.
  • Save money and avoid shopping hassles. Parents save up to 40% on School Supply Kits; purchasing individual items at several stores costs you more money and time!
  • Save on shipping. Kits are delivered directly to the school.

To order your kit online:

  1.  Go to 
  2.  Enter the school ID, PAR081 (3 letters/3 numbers)
  3.  Follow the directions to complete your order.
  4.  Keep your online confirmation as your receipt.

To submit a paper form:

  1.   Download and print the School Supply Order Form
  2.   Complete the form
  3.   Return the form to school with payment by JUNE 17th (checks made payable to Parklawn PTA)

For more information, contact Rebecca at